Friday, September 24, 2010

New Templete in Multiply

Since I had blog in Multiply, I always change templete my blog.
Not because bored but i want to have templete to suit my character. Looks cool, comfortable, and peacefull when my friend visit my blog.

1. Apple, March 15th 2008
Templete Apple by Regine Garcia.

Why i choose this apple templete ? Hmm.. I have the simple reason because I throught templete only those that caught my attention hehehe. Looks, When we open this blog will be served with a big apple red colored visible Fressh, right?

Just copy this templete code, enter it to CSS column then we save it. Comes the new templete, Yeah templete apple hehehe.

About a year ago I used this templete Apple, It Was I bored? I answer : Yes ..
I want to change the atmosphere adjusts to my life today. All persons subject to change, of course templete also wanted me to change.

2. Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan by ...... ( saya lupa nama pembuatnya )
If u want to looking for it just klik :

There has ever visited when I was using a templete Shah Rukh Khan
she's a woman: Jeng Wewet name's hehehe. When I use my templete India also include songs taken from the movie Kuch - Kuch Hai Hotai hehehe.

Why I choose it ? I had the simple reason again, because noone has so caught my attention and the templete is temporary until I find that good to me.

3. Pure
Pure by Pasthemes .

And My choose in this last month : Pure Templete. Why I choose it ? I had the simple reason again..and again ...
Design is simple and very simple
although only a few twigs and leaves just as well as a cream made me fall in love. *Du ileeeehh hiperbola bangeeet yak*.

I dont know until when i using it hehehe We'll see ...

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