Thursday, October 14, 2010



Since My mom has a small shop in the market, she is very busy wih her shop now. sometimes she not have time to cooking in the home. So, Im tried to cooking for us. I going to market for buy some vegetables (bean sprouts, sosis, meatball, tofu, potatoes) and i buy some favour. im buy it after coming home from office, and morning im started to cooking.

Before my brother going to school, everymorning im prepared to breakfast for my brother. Im Provide two menu for him. Everyday Im searching some recipes for breakfast on the internet. The all recipes aren't original mine, I got some of them from my mom, my friends and books.

so, i have new hobby now. I love cooking and i want to try to make some food for breakfast, and for dinner. I just can make some food, but nextime i want to try to make a cake hehehe..I remember my firts recipes is Fried Chili Potatoes
( Sambal Goreng Kentang ) hehehe.. Hmm... i success made it, my brother like it.

Ok, Mommy I can cooking now hehehehe. Thanks mom ..Love u Muaccch :)

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